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Gasping, the breath inside of me seems instantly taken away.
I feel them slithering, constantly embedding its fucking seed.
Succumbing to such convulsions, my body starts to change.
Skin stretching, I am no longer the man I used to be!
Forever, I may rest beneath his throne.
My master! I will serve until my work is done.
I can't resist the feeling, its so overwhelming, I lick my lips.
The taste of flesh completely thrives within my soul, I lose control!
The screams of my victims echo in my ears.
Vultures will pick at the remains for years and years and years.
Ripping through everything, every head I retrieve.
Ripping through everything, every head I retrieve.
My wrath infects all that I see!
The weak easily become my feast.
The strong turn to cowards, throat less cowards!
Lurking the night, the light of a full moon excites my veins.
Appearing as mortal, oh until my demons whisper so gently.
"GIVE INTO TEMPTATION" I feel them twist inside of me.
I must honor my promise, lap dog of Satan, I will always be!
Where is your savior when all hells unleashed?
Where is he?
Bow to me!
Gasping, no longer, delusional as I may seem.
I awake, secluded and ask myself was all this just a dream?
But my hands are covered in the blood that once was shed.
I look around, I see my work! piles of the dead.
Forever, I may rest beneath his throne.
My master! I have served my fingers to the...


from Resurrection Of The Doomed, track released March 25, 2017
Carrion Vael



all rights reserved



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